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​Runs with Wolves Sanctuary accepts donations from your deer and/or moose hunting adventures. Raw meat and bones are some of their favorite meals! 

Runs with Wolves Sanctuary is a non - profit organization cared for by Brenda Foster, who began the sanctuary in 1990. It is run by a small board of directors and a small group of volunteers. Donations are gladly accepted and are tax deductible. Tours are by appointment, and if interested in setting one up, please contact Brenda at 207 637 - 3007, between the hours of 10:30am and 6:30pm, or at

Come Meet Our Pack !!!

Our Mission Statement

To rescue, protect and care for wolves for the remainder of their natural lives and to educate the public about wolf ecology.

Tucked away in a remote place in Limington Maine, lies a place called Runs with Wolves Sanctuary, a wolf rescue and education center. It is here you will find wolves and wolf dogs, commonly known as hybrids, that have been abused, neglected or abandoned. Now, in the comfort of love and compassion, these beautiful creatures can live in peace for the rest of their natural days. 

They say there is something mysterious about the wolf.......perhaps it is the mere sight of one standing strong and proud, head tilted back and the song....its haunting yet stirring music being carried upon the wind............

Wolves, like most wild animals do not adapt well to captivity and are usually surrendered to rescue facilities if they are lucky, or sadly more often euthanized. For this reason, we do NOT allow our rescued animals to breed, as we are morally opposed to producing more captive wolves and hybrids.