The Interest of Love Kdrama Wiki, Cast, Review, Release Date

The Interest of Love is an upcoming Korean romantic love story drama. And is scheduled to stream on Netflix on 21 December 2022. You can watch this drama in Korean and English language. The interest of love Korean drama is directed by Jo Young-min and the story of the drama is written by Lee Seo-hyun and Lee Hyun-jeong. This drama is based on the Novel Understanding of Love by Lee Hyuk-jin. The Interest of Love Kdrama


The storyline is based on four people who love life and they are working in the Bank. And you will get to see a love story between bank employees and also a romantic sense too. The Interest in love is a melodrama and romantic comedy-drama series. In this series, you will also see a love triangle and romantic scenes too. The Drama follows the story of four individuals with different interests, who meet each other at the Yeongpo branch of KCU Bank, as they understand the true meaning of love. The whole story of this drama is set in a Bank.

The love between Bank Employees and will be awesome to watch. They meet each other at the Bank of Yeongpo branch of KCU. When they are working in the bank they started feeling each other and in last they fall in love with each other. Or you can also call this boss and employee love story. And this is the same when a bank manager falls in love with her employee.

The Interest Of Love Korean Drama Wiki, Cast and Crew Members

The Interest of Love Kdrama
The Interest of Love Kdrama
DramaThe Interest Of Love
GenreRomantic, Love Story, Melodrama
Based OnUnderstanding of Love
by Lee Hyuk-jin
CastYoo Yeon-seok
Moon Ga-young
Keum Sae-rok
Jung Ga-ram
DirectorJo Young-min
WriterLee Seo-hyun
Lee Hyun-jeong
ProducerPark Sung-eun
Lee Ga-hyun
Production CompanySLL
Release Date21 December 2022
Release LangaugeEnglish Korean with multi-language subtitles too
Release PlatformNetflix


  • Yoo Yeon-seok as Ha Sang-soo is playing the role of Manager at KCU Bank.
  • Moon Ga-young as Ahn Soo-young and also she is the love interest of Bank Manager Ha Sang-soo as his girlfriend.
  • Keum Sae-rok as Park Mi-kyung is playing the role as Asistant manager in the KCU bank.
  • Jung Ga-ram as Jeong Jong-hyun is playing the role of security guard in the KCU Bank.
  • Moon Tae-yu as So Kyung-pil is playing the role of Sang-soo’s friend.
  • Jeong Jae-sung as Yook Si-kyung is playing the role of branch manager.
  • Lee Hwa-ryong as Noh Tae-pyeong is playing the role of deputy manager.
  • Park Hyung-soo as Lee Gu-il is playing the role of a team leader.
  • Lee Si-hoon as Ma Du-sik is playing the role of an assistant manager.
  • Yang Jo-ah as Seo Min-hee is playing the role of a team leader.
  • Jo In as Bae Eun-jung is playing the role of a manager.
  • Oh Dong-min as Yang Seok-hyun is playing the role os Sang-soo’s friend
  • Oh So-hyun as Kim Ji-yoon is playing the role of the youngest bank clerk.
  • Seo Jeong-yeon as Han Jeong-im is playing the role of Sang-soo’s mother
  • Park Mi-hyun as Shim Kyung-sook is playing the role of Soo-young’s mother
  • Park Yoon-hee as Ahn In-jae is playing the role of Soo-young’s father
  • Yoon Yoo-sun as Yoon Mi-sun is playing the role of Mi-kyung’s mother
  • Park Sung-geun as Park Dae-sung is playing the role of Mi-kyung’s father.

Yoo Yeo-Seok is playing the main lead role in this drama As Ha Sang-soo, and Moon Ga-Young is also playing the main lead role manager’s girlfriend. Keum Sae-rok and Jung Ga-ram are playing the main lead supportive roles. And all the other cast are playing supportive roles.

Crew Members

Lee Seo-hyun and Lee Hyun-Jeong are the main writers of this drama which is directed by Jo Young-min. Netflix and JTBC have distributed the drama The Interest of Love. Where Park Sung-Eun and Lee Ga-Hyun produced this Korean drama.

The Interest Of Love Korean Drama Release Date

21 December 2022, The Interest Of Love Korean drama is set to release on Netflix and JTBC on 21 December 2022. JTBC will only release in South Korea whereas Netflix will release worldwide. If you belong from South Korea then you can able to watch it on Netflix and JTBC too. But if you belong to other countries it will be only available on Netflix.

This drama is not an official Netflix drama so this will only release in English and Korean language. But the best thing is that it will also release with multi-language subtitles too so you can also watch with the help of subtitles too. This time this drama will not release in Hindi Dubbed. Many Korean Netflix dramas are released in Hindi but The Interest of love hindi dubbed will not release. It will release with Hindi subtitles for hindi audiences.

The Interest Of Korean Drama Episode Release Date

This drama series contains 16 Episodes and each episode will release weekly Wednesday and Thursday. Each week release 2 episodes weekly. You have to wait to watch 2 episodes in a week. Read below down in the table all episode’s release dates.

EpisodesNetflix Release DateJTBC Broadcast Date

The Interest Of Love Korean Dram Review

After watching the trailer of the drama The Interest of Love we can say that this is a good watchable romantic drama series. The trailer of the series has been already released on the Swoon Youtube channel in Korean language and the trailer is liked by many audiences. The trailer of the drama crossed over 200k views on the youtube channel The Swoon. Many audiences love to watch Korean dramas but this drama will only air in Korean so maybe many Indian audiences will wait for dubbing.

Recently Netflix tv series Wednesday crossed over 1 billion views on Netflix and it’s a super hit because the Wednesday tv series was released in multi-languages that the reason to be a super hit. But the interest in love dramas will only release in the Korean language. The result will come out after streaming it shit or flop.

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